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Only Chess Forum

  1. 06 Dec '07 13:21
    20 years ago there was a chess computer called the Phantom that moved it's pieces magnetically, then set the board up after a game, looking like a ghost was shifting everything around. It only lasted a few years, but they've just brought back a new model.
  2. Standard member Sydrian
    The Truth
    06 Dec '07 16:47
    Awesome... I always wanted one of those in my early teens... the technophile in me couldn't resist its sweet sweet candy.
  3. 06 Dec '07 21:23
    At least redhotpawn has got tomtom.
  4. 06 Dec '07 21:43
    Odd...the link doesn't work anymore, this'll get to a picture of it, but when you click on details, nothing comes up.
  5. Standard member chessisvanity
    07 Dec '07 00:25
    duh....its the phantom.
  6. Standard member nmdavidb
    I Drank What? ©
    07 Dec '07 00:35
    Reminds me of that early "Mephisto"...where some midget sat underneath the table and moved the pieces

    Technology at it's

  7. Standard member chessisvanity
    07 Dec '07 00:41
    don't you mean "the turk"?