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  1. 27 Mar '18 22:29
    I can't find the blog-button, so it's a kind of blog without blog.
    I waited for some games to be finished so that I can expose them there, and I began from the most recent ones. I will show some blunders, interesting tactics, æstetic solutions etc.


    Kratic vs Vandervelde RHP 2018
    (*hard core)

    Svincent vs Vandervelde RHP 2018
    (*hard core)

    In this position after White’s 47th move

    I played
    47. ...Bb2?? and allowed perpetual check.
    I saw that threat, all right, but I “calculated” without the analyze board that “I have time to play h5”, and escape with my king. But field “h5” would have been occupied by Pawn then!
    I should have played 47. ...Rb1 so that I can retreat with Rook to b7 and then try to win from the scratch.

    After 48. Kf6 Tf1
    49. Tg7 I finally realized that 49. ...h5 doesn’t help and I tried
    49. ...Kh8
    50. Kf7 Tg1?!
    51. Txg1 a2 but it was dead draw.


    In this position in the game
    vandervelde vs. Colgorm RHP 2017
    (*Sprint Split)

    I played
    24. Qxd6!


    vandervelde vs. Joeboy69 RHP 2018
    (*hard core)

    In this position, after mutual mistakes, Black has circa equal position:

    But he plays
    26. ...b6?? and selfinflicts weaknesses around his King.

    He could forced the drawish series of exchanges with 26. ...d5!

    Now, after
    27. Qf4 Ng8
    28. Ke2 a6

    I played without thinking because "I felt it must be good"::
    29. c5!
    and Black made another mistake:
    29. ...dxc5??
    (After 29. ...bxc5 Black King is still enough protected to resist further for many moves.)
    30. Bxa6+ Kd8
    31. Qb8+ Ke7
    Now I played
    32. Nxc6+!

    and after
    32. ...Qc6
    33. Bb5 Qe6
    34. Qe8+ Kd6
    35. Qd8+ black King can’t escape checkmate or is losing Queen.


    When you forget pieces changed role and place while “calculating”. I remember Spassky described this during his match against Larsen on Table 1 USSR versus Rest of the World in 1970 in Belgrade.

    Here I am Black against AudiRapture on a hard core game

    AudiRapture vs. vadervelde RHP 2018
    (*hard core)

    I am feeling under pressure, White has advantage, and I am trying to get some air and simplify position with:

    19. ...e5?

    Idea is to exchange Knights and then my Bishop will return Pawn on e5 and me happy.
    But, after
    20. dxe5 Nxe4
    21. Bxe4:::::::::::::

    I don’t have time to capture Pe5 because Bishop on e4 is aiming my Rook on a8.



    After many mistakes, I am on the move and have here advantage as black against dn84 in a hard core game::::::::
    dn84 vs vandervelde RHP 2018
    (*hard core)

    But instead of logical 32. ...Bc8 with an idea Bf5 and pressure on white diagonal and then attacking on white Pawns on Queen wing – note that I also have material advantage – I am placing my Rook under Bishop’s attack::

    32. ... Rfd8??

    White is also blind and plays
    33. Rxd4?? but I again make blunder
    33. ...exd4?? still leaving my Rook under fire.

    Now, look here:::::::::::

    White still doesn’t see he can capture Rook, and prefers to take Pawn::

    34. Qxg6?
    White is now nevertheless better, because my King suddenly found himself under attack.:::::

    I am out of the blue lost even after White had chosen a weaker move.

    I decide to play “with confidence” as I am still in charge:::

    34. ...d3 (bluffing)
    and White makes another blunder
    35. Rd2??

    I saw 35. Re7! and that I thought that I cane save my stupid Rd8 with stirring up the watter with
    35. ...Wb6!! (*after 35. Re7)
    36. Qxb6 Bd4+
    37. Qxd4 Rxd4 and now:::

    Optically, I have 2 advanced chained Pawns and many would prefer to be Black, but my Bishop on b7 is hanging, so White has enough time for Nxd3 and to block the remaining pawn. We never came to this bridge anyway.

    After 35. Rd2?? (instead of winning 35. Re7 – rook on 7th rank, what better man could want?!) I finally moved 35.... Rd6 and gained advantage again. Or, more correctly put, I got it on silver plate again.

    You can see it yourself, here’s the whole game::::

  2. 27 Mar '18 22:35
    (*me Black, White resigned)


    vandervelde vs. Cardashian RHP 2018
    See it yourself: Game 12616863---

    12. f4! and I can later save Bishop from a8.


    17. Bd5 (æstetic, isn’t it?!......)

    The whole game:::::


    vandervelde vs. GaryB70 RHP 2018
    (*hard core game)

    28. Bxf6+!!
    The motiff is that black Queen is overloaded with tasks.
    28. ... Qxf6 29. Rxh7#

    Whole game here--> Game 1261686


    vandervelde vs. NoFriendPete RHP 2018
    (*hard core game) Game 12616858

    After 28 moves the following position emerged:

    29. Re7!!
    And after 29. …Bxe7
    30. Qxf7+ Kh8
    31. Bxe7 Re8
    32. Bxf6#
    I will try to put replay diagram from a fen position now->


    kirbythecat vs. vandervelde RHP 2018
    (*Sprint Quartet +1650)

    vandervelde vs. Leellen RHP 2018
    (*hard core)

    Here I lost on time, me on the move; I blundered time.

    [vandervelde vs. Texasnurse 2018
    (*hard core)

    Here I lost on time, I blundered clock again.
  3. Subscriber Ragwort
    Ex Duris Gloria
    28 Mar '18 06:02
    Good article showing the cut and thrust of rapid simul hardcore play. How could you lose on time to @texasnurse? She has 500+ games in progress - you only have 300!
  4. 28 Mar '18 18:35
    Another debacle on time (*me Black):::
  5. 28 Mar '18 20:59
    In game 1 you move Tf1 which I assume is rook to f1 but in game 3 you refer to Rxxxx. I am confused. Why is there no consistency
  6. 28 Mar '18 21:16
    Originally posted by @johnnybike
    In game 1 you move Tf1 which I assume is rook to f1 but in game 3 you refer to Rxxxx. I am confused. Why is there no consistency
    I used Scandinavian-german notation there, altså Taufel for Rook, and Springer for Knight (N). I forgot that my notes were in other notation.
  7. 28 Mar '18 21:39
    Originally posted by @vandervelde
    I used Scandinavian-german notation there, altså Taufel for Rook, and Springer for Knight (N). I forgot that my notes were in other notation.

    Thanks for the clarification. I just assumed rook would be R universally. My mistake.