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  1. Standard member hunterknox
    Hopeless romantic
    17 Sep '10 16:55
    Show me your checkmates where the last move was a pawn move. It will please me.

    P.S. promotions don't count.
  2. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    17 Sep '10 17:14
    My favorite pawn mate is apparently ...h6+ with black! Here's a trifecta:

  3. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    17 Sep '10 17:15
    Damiano Destruction:

  4. Standard member chessicle
    The Chessicle
    18 Sep '10 07:47 / 1 edit
    Turns out I have quite a few. In these first three, mate is forced in each one with a pawn, but my opponent resigned before it actually happened.

    And purely through choice.....

    And another!

    A bit of dancing:


    A little unexpectedly mate:

  5. Standard member hunterknox
    Hopeless romantic
    18 Sep '10 08:37 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by SwissGambit
    My favorite pawn mate is apparently ...h6+ with black!
    Now what have we learned, children? That's right, don't put your king on g5 when there's a chain of angry looking pawns and a rook or two in the area.

    Keep them coming!
  6. 18 Sep '10 16:29 / 2 edits
    What better way to end your first tournament game than with a pawn mate?
  7. 18 Sep '10 17:53
    My favourite one, and against a much higher rated player at that time:

  8. 18 Sep '10 18:29
    Nice game
  9. 18 Sep '10 19:42
    I really like that one Gatusso.
  10. 19 Sep '10 12:02
    The 1400 DB has over 6,000 pawn mates, most are in the ending.
    Here are 7 ten moves or under starting with the shortest game (so far).

    Degenerate - matzdr. RHP 18.02.2009

    1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.Bc4 Nb6 4.Bb3 d6 5.Qf3 Nc6 6.Qxf7+ Kd7 7.e6 mate.


    bugatti - Ciccone. RHP 01.12.2009

    1.d4 e6 2.c4 h6 3.Nf3 c5 4.e3 f6 5.Bd3 Nc6 6.Bg6+ Ke7 7.d5 Ne5 8.d6 mate.


    valera0000 - sameeh. RHP 21.12.2007

    1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.e5 Nd5 4.Nc3 Nxc3 5.dxc3 d5 6.Bb5+ Nd7 7.e6 a6
    8.Ne5 axb5 9.exf7 mate.


    FelixMc - Xanadu777. RHP 01.03.2005

    1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.e5 Bb4+ 5.Bd2 Qe7 6.a3 Nxe5 7.Ke2 Nc4+
    8.Kd3 Nxb2+ 9.Kxd4 Nf6 10.Qe1 c5 mate.


    Welsh Witch - 8D. RHP 23.04.2008

    1.e4 c5 2.f4 e5 3.f5 Qh4+ 4.g3 Qxe4+ 5.Be2 Qxh1 6.Kf2 Qxh2+ 7.Kf3 e4+
    8.Kg4 Nf6+ 9.Kf4 Qh6+ 10.Ke5 d6 mate.


    Fleabitten - desertdog85. RHP 17.12.2008

    1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f6 3.Nxe5 fxe5 4.Qh5+ Ke7 5.Qxe5+ Kf7 6.Bc4+ Kg6 7.Qf5+ Kh6
    8.d3+ Qg5 9.Bxg5+ Kh5 10.g4 mate.


    Buffoon - sameeh. RHP 24.09.2009

    1.e4 c5 2.c3 Nc6 3.Nf3 e5 4.Bc4 h6 5.d3 Na5 6.Bxf7+ Kxf7 7.Nxe5+ Kf6
    8.Qh5 d6 9.Qf7+ Kxe5 10.f4 mate.


    mrdougie - Hamish McLobbie. RHP 28.06.2010

    1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.Nf3 d6 4.Bc4 Nb6 5.Bxf7+ Kxf7 6.Ng5+ Kg8 7.Qf3 Qe8
    8.e6 Qg6 9.Qf7+ Qxf7 10.exf7 mate.

  11. Standard member hunterknox
    Hopeless romantic
    19 Sep '10 20:31
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    The 1400 DB has over 6,000 pawn mates, most are in the ending.
    How do I gain access to this treasure trove of delights? I know where the games explorer is, but it seems there's more depth in there than I ever realised...
  12. 19 Sep '10 22:00
    It's my own private DB gathered over the two years I've been here.

    You pool a team together and they go through the players cutting and pasting
    their games. They send them to me and I run a wee program to delete the doublers.
  13. Standard member hunterknox
    Hopeless romantic
    19 Sep '10 22:20
    Aaw, that sounds like work, I'll leave that to Russ...!

    Still, love those super-miniatures.
  14. Standard member wormwood
    If Theres Hell Below
    29 Sep '10 13:26 / 1 edit
    today in the olympiads, teterev vs gagunashvil:

  15. 29 Sep '10 15:29
    Does not happen very often for me, but here is one.

    Game 6235072