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  1. Standard member Mathurine
    15 Sep '06 08:39
    Hi chaps...

    Game 2497709

    I played this somewhat truncated game yesterday, and thought it was going down the usual "closed" Sicilian route, when white "Bb5'd" me. Play was soon off-book, and white was soon off-line!

    Do any of you think that the "Bb5" is ever really a safe option for white?

    Should white have played on? If so, how?

    Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.


  2. 15 Sep '06 09:14
    I don't think there's any problem with Bb5 itself - it's not that uncommon (according to the database I just checked its the second most common move in that position at the top level, after d4). It's after that point it all goes wrong.
  3. 15 Sep '06 11:05
    after 4. Bb5 My option would be to play a6. which sets up a trap.

    Any attempts to save the bishop (i.e Be2) costs tempo, not only that, the bishop will become easy pickings if they try a "ruy lopez" [4.a6 Ba4 b4 Bb3 c4]

    Which leaves BxN as the only real option, followed by b or dxc6

    I think this leaves equal chances, the double pawn is protected (currently) and helps control the centre (prevents d4)

    on saying that howver, Nge7 seems to be far more popular at GM-level.