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  1. Standard member Schlecter
    The King of Board
    09 Dec '16 05:03 / 2 edits
    A very wild opening, I lost many games here in RHP using that opening, but is too much fun.

    The question is: Is the Latvian playable?

    Here some examples
    Game 10592191

    and a classic game

  2. 09 Dec '16 05:11
    White had at least perpetual check with Knight.
    At first, I thought White could win with 12. Qxh8. I am not sure now, but this was better move anyway.
  3. Subscriber jb70
    State of Confusion
    09 Dec '16 09:43
    Is the Latvian playable?
    Greenpawn must think the reversed Latvian is.
    He has a game quoted in an Alekhine Defence book I came across where he transposed the Alekhine to a White Latvian.
  4. 09 Dec '16 14:47
    Timid moves like 3.d3 are not a test of the Latvian. If you go to the games explorer:

    You will see I have 100% from 8 games.

    It also says I have an 81% win ration as Black from 53 Latvians.
    This is misleading because most of the lads I played were under 1600
    and usually had 20+ other games on the go as well.

    When I get a good player the tricks don't work.

    This game Game 10790586 I got mauled and here with White to play.

    White sacced on d5 (game with notes below) It may have been wiser for me (Black)
    to go for the perpetual and this may be a forced book draw.

    All of which highlights one of my and I suppose everyone's else's drawbacks of playing in here.

    How do you feel today and what time are you moving?

    Sometimes you are razor sharp and want to win every game, other days
    you are dull and simply going through the motions sometimes thinking to
    yourself ;"Why did I enter this competition.".

    A while back I posted a selection of moves all played about the same time and every
    move was a mini blunder ot a complete lemon. I should that day and have just stayed away from RHP.

    Recently I had a good stab at putting myself in the Hall of Doom.

    Here your hero (that will be me) played 16.Nd4 I've no idea why.
    Black played the obvious 16...Ng4 and I lost a piece.

    There followed frantic activity from me looking for a perpetual and finally
    scoring a very lucky White win. Game 11928658

    This does not happen in an OTB game. You should be in same mood form throughout.
    It could be good or bad. Hopefully good.

    Back to here with White to play.

  5. Subscriber moonbus
    14 Dec '16 18:56 / 1 edit
    The Latvian Gambit does tend to lead to sharp positions and can trap an unprepared player. I nearly lost the White side of one to a player 500 points below my rating. White drops a piece and must work hard to generate counter-play.