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  1. 12 Jul '09 21:09


    note: previously posted in wrong forum
  2. 12 Jul '09 21:48
    LOL!!! The black pieces should be charged to court
  3. 13 Jul '09 01:26
    so many queens and piece, and it is still mate, I find it hard to believe that white survive...
  4. 13 Jul '09 03:15
    Now show us the PGN
  5. 13 Jul '09 06:02 / 2 edits
    Its not surprising that you managed to win, your opponent is obviously a patzer because he missed several mate in 1's before you played b6-b7
  6. 13 Jul '09 07:43
    Originally posted by tamuzi
    Now show us the PGN
    I should have saved it but didn't. It's obviously not "real" in the sense that both him and I were trying to achieve this result. It's a long story but me and another player ended up just screwing around and he had this bright idea.

    We actually had to be careful to avoid mate, avoid a forced capture of a black pawn or piece and still be able to acheive a white victory.
  7. 13 Jul '09 07:53
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