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  1. 10 Dec '11 17:20 / 1 edit
    This was a game I played against SERGEANTPMAIN. I really thought he was better, but he offered a draw so I accepted. I'm playing black.

    I'm curious what you stronger players think of this position.

    Just in case you're curious how we reached it.

  2. 10 Dec '11 19:07
    Indeed the draw is a gift. White is clearly winning. He's up a pawn, active and threatening to win pawn number 2 (Re8-a8-x-a6). I don't see any real defence.
  3. 10 Dec '11 19:11 / 1 edit
    what about Bb6 threatening the rook and Rxc6,

    edit: nah that is nothing after ...Rc8, sowwy!
  4. 15 Dec '11 00:52
    Seems like a win for white.
  5. Standard member TimmyBx
    15 Dec '11 03:10
    Yeah Fritz 13 has white clearly winning

    8/2r2rp1/p1p1Rb2/P1Bp1k1p/1P1P4/6P1/5PP1/4RK2 b - - 0 1

    Analysis by Fritz 13:

    1. +- (1.64): 37...Kg6 38.Re8 Rfd7 39.Ra8 Kf7 40.Rxa6 Rc8 41.Re3 Rb7 42.Ke2 g6 43.Kd3 Bd8 44.Kc3 Rd7 45.Rf3+ Kg7 46.Rf8 Rb7 47.Re8 Rf7 48.f3
    2. +- (2.58): 37...Rc8 38.b5 cxb5 39.Rxa6 Rfc7 40.Rb6 Ra8 41.Rxb5 Ra6 42.f3 Rd7 43.Kf2 Ra8 44.Ke2 Bd8 45.Bb4 g6 46.Kd3 Bc7 47.Rb7
    3. +- (2.69): 37...Rfd7 38.Re8 Rd8 39.Rxd8 Bxd8 40.Re5+ Kf6 41.Rxh5 Be7 42.Rh8 Bxc5 43.dxc5 d4 44.Ra8 d3 45.Rxa6 Ke5 46.Ke1 Kd5 47.Kd2 Kc4 48.Rb6 Re7 49.Kd1 Re2