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  1. 14 Aug '06 23:12
    I have just returned from holiday to find I have been timed out! I posted a vacation flag, and spoke to each of my opponents before leaving, telling them when I would be back. All other games had a 7 day timeout, and this one had a 1 day. When I return I find this person has timed me out, after promising he wouldn't do it....
    I know that he had the right to do it, but if this is the way to gain a few rating points then I feel sorry for him.
    Had the position been reversed, I would have been embarrassed to have timed him out, when I knew I was well behind in the game....maybe I am complaining unfairly, as he has only excercised a right he had, but it still feels very unsporting to me...
    Game 2353494
  2. 14 Aug '06 23:29
    Unsporting - I agree
  3. 15 Aug '06 00:13
    the angel on my shoulder says "shame shame, that's so unsporting"

    the devil on my other shoulder says "the end justifies the means."

    I think the little devil just stabbed the angel.
  4. 15 Aug '06 00:20
    Being timed out when your vacation flag is up is it - like so many things in life - just the first time that hurts.
  5. 15 Aug '06 05:40
    no he's just a queer
  6. 15 Aug '06 06:48
    if you don't like being timed out, then max the timebank before you start the game.
  7. 15 Aug '06 07:11

    Bob makes a game, 1 day timeout w/ no timebank.
    Bill accepts the game. Bob and Bill play for an hour and Bill logs off 20 moves into the game.
    Bob goes on vacation for 3 days.
    Bob comes home to find that Bill has claimed the timeout win. Bob becomes angry and goes on a killing spree.

    the moral of the story is: plan for vacations ahead of time or you might become a serial killer.
  8. 15 Aug '06 07:16
    hahahhahahahhahahahahhah wait hahahahahahahaahahahahahahhah. plan for vacations man change your time settings. so what you got timed out you lose. new game. do you want to play me a game? beware i claim timeouts hahahhahahahahahahah.
  9. 15 Aug '06 08:04 / 1 edit
    I find your opponents behavior COMPLETELY DISGUSTING. If you had your vacation flag set and they PROMISED not to time you out during your absence, they must follow through. Otherwise they are worthless scum with no sense of honesty or fairness as far as I'm concerned. I have no respect for liars and I believe that liars have no respect for themselves or anyone else.

    I have no qualms with someone who times me out while on vacation if there was no prior agreement. I know that it is within their right. My constraints cannot be forced upon them as well; it wouldn't be fair. However, if my opponent has EXPLICITLY AGREED NOT TO TIME ME OUT, the situation has changed. They have commited themselves to my constraints. It is no longer a matter of choice as far as I'm concerned. You can't simply change your mind once you have PROMISED. The very idea of a promise implies reliability.

    To avoid this in the future, I think this should be handled through software. When one sets the vacation flag, the date of return must also be set. Afterwards, all of this person's active games will make the duration of the vacation explicit. Moreover, this person's opponents will have two choices upon entering the game.

    1. I refuse to time out X for the duration of his/her vacation.
    2. I may time out X for the duration of his/her vacation.

    One of these choices must be selected in order to make a move in the game. If choice 1 is selected, the software does not allow time outs for the specified period. If choice 2 is selected, it's business as usual. Nothing has changed. I think the hassle of having to make such a simple choice is not enough to offset the benefits. Finally, one may have peace of mind while on vacation. No more rude surprises. If your opponent promised not to time you out, he followed through, (it's sad that we have to enforce honesty) if not, it's no surprise that you are timed out.
  10. 15 Aug '06 08:48
    This is my feelings about the matter:

    If you do all the right stuff to avoid being timed out (Set the vacation flag with a note when you'll be back *and* not play during your vacation *and* (as you did) tell your opponents in person.) then you have done all you can to avoid any problems.

    And yet he times you out. I have no word for the rudeness and lack of sportsmanship he had presented in this case.

    You had a clear win and he couldn't stand it. He wanted the win and won the game but at the same time he lost his honor.

    Some says that it is your own fault. I beg to differ. It is impossible to plan ahead in so long period of time that you could avoid situations like this.
    For example: I started my first tournament in 12th of march and the round is still going. If I win my group I have another 6 month to wait until those games are finished. How is it possible to plan this far ahead? I would say impossible.
    This was a 7/14 tournament but in another tournament, 1/7, the next round started during my vacation. Sheer luck that I was near an internet connection at the time.

    Your opponent could do it, he was allowed to do it inside the rules of RHP, and therefore he did it. Just in order to save some rating points. Morally wrong but yet within the rules.

    The vacation routines in RHP is, in my humble opinions, a weak spot.
    I'll say that when I set my vacation all my games should be frozen in time and invisible during the period and the opponents moves sealed until I cam back and break the vacation. It's the only way to avoid these kind of hostile time outs that Stives just experienced.

    In my profile one can read that "I never remind, I always take skulls." But the truth is that I never take skulls during a well anounced vacation of the opponent, unless there are grave reasons otherwise. Hence my threat.
  11. 15 Aug '06 09:35
    Originally posted by 7ate9
    ha ha ha!!!
    You dear boy are a twerp. Man I love that word.

    As you said, chess is not life, it is a game..... and winning the game in this manner proves nothing. I have never, and will never time someone out whilst they are on vacation. Ok, maybe there's no need to moan about it, but the act that provoked it stinks.

    Is someone keeping tabs on the number of "so and so timed me out" threads, it must be a large number by now.....
  12. Standard member Derfel Cadarn
    The Mighty
    15 Aug '06 09:46 / 1 edit
    It is unsportsmanlike to say you won't, but then do, but he has every right to do so. Quit whining.
  13. 15 Aug '06 10:03
    When the opponent SAID he wouldn't time you out, he should have lived up to his promise. It was unsporting. Still funny, though.
  14. 15 Aug '06 10:22
    What can you do about someone who plays two opening moves and then ignores the game.I am reluctant to take time outs.
  15. Standard member wormwood
    If Theres Hell Below
    15 Aug '06 11:15
    yet another pointless thread which wouldn't exist, were the timeouts automatic.