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  1. 21 Jun '06 18:32
    Blue board 21/0

    Just thought that it was funny that this was still sitting here. I figured that as theey are both banned, neither could claim the timeout, but it looks like it's over and the next person in the queue just doesn't want any free points. Is there any way to force a seige game to start?
  2. Standard member HomerJSimpson
    Renouned Grob Killer
    22 Jun '06 15:27
    yea, are they ever going to intervene on that table?
  3. Standard member flexmore
    Quack Quack Quack !
    23 Jun '06 09:46
    get real ...

    TRACKHEAD21 is rated 2127.
    meman is rated 2295.

    170 points difference ... there is no need for intervention ... surely meman's engine will defeat TRACKHEAD21's engine ... TRACK's inconsistency will shine through.