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Only Chess Forum

  1. Standard member Exuma
    21 Feb '10 22:22 / 1 edit

    Very odd, once I actually posted the problem was gone. Anyway - to congratulate myself on finally getting back above 1800 on rhp - here is a game from the last time I was ranked this high. I am playing white.
  2. Standard member clandarkfire
    Grammar Nazi
    21 Feb '10 22:25
    Erm...what the trouble?
  3. Standard member Exuma
    21 Feb '10 22:34
    Originally posted by clandarkfire
    Erm...what the trouble?
    I was trying to make sure my pgn was correct but it would not show it with the preview post checked. Finally I pasted the immortal game from the guidlines in and had the same problem! Eventually I just posted it to the thread and voila it was working. Replaced the pgn with mine and still working. Dunno what happened, but all is well now...
  4. 21 Feb '10 22:38
    I have the same problem.I learned that when you get a blank preview and not the dreaded 'invalid pgn' the game will be shown in your post.

    A little glitch I guess
  5. 21 Feb '10 22:40
    If you are wanting to post a game and start a thread then nothing shows
    on the preview screen if the PGN is OK.

    If there is a fault you will see.

    So if you don't see your game you know it will work.

  6. Standard member Exuma
    21 Feb '10 22:40
    Ahh - good to know. Guess I'll send feedback