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  1. 06 Oct '06 20:51
    This is from a finished game (not one of mine!)

    Part 1. Can you find Black's winning move in this position?

    Part 2. In your opinion, how strong a player would you have to be to find this move and to have the confidence in your analysis to play it?
  2. 06 Oct '06 21:13
    Well done, that is indeed the winning move.

    It was a 1700 player who played it, and I was very surprised, but perhaps it's easier to find than I thought.
  3. 06 Oct '06 21:31
    Originally posted by Sicilian Smaug
    Rxf4! is the winning move

    exf4, e3
    f3, e2!
    Re1, Bxf3 with forced mate.

    I saw that immediately but I have been doing a huge amount of tactics puzzles recently. Maybe a 1600 player would see it and have the confidence to play it, perhaps less, I'm not too sure.
    After Rxf4, how do you handle Qd8+?

    Seems like that gives white an opportunity to regroup his defenses.
  4. 06 Oct '06 21:51
    Actually after 4.Re1 I think 4....Qg3+ is more accurate than 4...Bxf3, otherwise the king can escape via f2.
  5. 06 Oct '06 23:22 / 1 edit
    ...hmm, by just looking at it, I cant see how Rxf4 fails....

    If it were an RHP game however, I'd whip out the analysis board and check every variation.....
  6. 06 Oct '06 23:31
    On closer Inspection I found another continuation, which seems less risky:-

    Qg4+ Kh2 Qxh4+ Kg2 Qg4+ Kh2 Rf5 Qxf5 Qxf5

    ^ while objectivly weaker, it should still win the game and its a lot easier to calculate.
  7. 07 Oct '06 00:00
    Ill play it against fritz to see what happens
  8. 07 Oct '06 06:46
    Rxf4!. took about 2 seconds to see the move and about 5 seconds to conclude that the move would be most probably winning and about 2 minutes to calculate main lines (Rxf4 exf4 e3 f3 (or Qd8+ Kh7) e2 winning)
  9. Donation !~TONY~!
    07 Oct '06 07:27
    This puzzle is generally pretty easy, since if you look at this position, you logically start to think about how to get that pawn on e4 out of the way.