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  1. Subscriber Ragwort
    Ex Duris Gloria
    16 Feb '11 21:25
    Through the post this morning I received a flyer entry form for the Barnet Weekend Congress - 26th 27th March. I noticed that the Rate of Play was "36 moves in 90 minutes, then 15 moves to complete the game."

    If this isn't a typo then it conjures an interesting puzzle element to the end of games to complete in 15 moves. Makes a change from the rapid play finishes anyway 😀
  2. 17 Feb '11 00:22
    Maybe it's not a typo but a new anti draw method.
    After Time Control White has 15 moves to mate Black.

    Years ago I picked up an entry form for Alnwick and the date of the
    tournament had been written on the front in hand.

    They had printed off 500 or so entry forms without giving the date
    when it was taking place.

    Some poor slob had to sit and write on the actual date in free hand
    on each one.