1. Standard memberjarrasch
    24 Feb '07
    27 Jan '18 20:13
    Hi there,

    I am looking for a player rated 1600+ who would like to play a match with me, analyse the games afterwards and publish the analyses on RHP.

    Goal: Have fun, meet new players and improve by analysing our games / mistakes / thought processes

    Proposed conditions (my preferred but negotiable):
    1. 5 games, random color, timeout 1 day, timebank 7 days
    2. we do not blitz in our games, we do our best to play and win
    3. max 2 games will be played between us at the same time
    4. as we play we make notes of our thoughts, variations etc. which we will use later on to annotate our games
    5. Once we finish a game we prepare together an analysis (with verbal comments and perhaps some variations) and publish it here
    6. Hopefully stronger players will also comment on our games/analysis
    7. Chatting during games - up to you, unless we have common interests (chess books, chess computers etc.) then it is obligatory 🙂