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  1. Standard member mipmcpt
    manchester clan
    08 Apr '07 10:51
  2. Standard member MCA
    08 Apr '07 11:08
    only the ones my opponent doesn't know - even then its touch and go
  3. Standard member najdorfslayer
    The Ever Living
    08 Apr '07 11:09
    Originally posted by mipmcpt
    Love playing the Ruy Lopez as White!!
    Only lost 3 OTB games out of about 50 (lots of draws too though)in 15 yrs. Against good players too!!
    Lost none on this site yet!!
  4. Standard member Ramned
    The Rams
    08 Apr '07 11:50
    my own variation of a mix with Modern Defense and Pirc; basically, a fianchetto on the kingside attacking the queen side...sometimes I transpose it to the lion's defense if the board is too closed, or crowded.

    I have won 18, lost 3 as black.

    Ruy Lopez is cool.
    Fried Liver Attack is brillaint but not always an option.
  5. 08 Apr '07 12:54
    I've had the most success with the Caro-Kann. Really works well against lots of internet players who love to all-out attack. They don't have the patience to break the CK properly.
  6. 08 Apr '07 23:41
    I feel like I am having good success with the London System as white.
  7. 09 Apr '07 00:05
  8. 09 Apr '07 17:27
    In live games I've had probably the most success with the Evans Gambit....I like Gambits cuz I usually end up down in material anyway so why not gain an advantage in position if you're going to be down in material anyway?
  9. 09 Apr '07 17:51
  10. 10 Apr '07 17:10 / 1 edit
    Alekhine (particularly the Scandinavian Variation)

    KIA, English, Bogo-Indian.
  11. 10 Apr '07 17:27
    I have had the most success with this opening: "If I said you had a great body, would you hold it against me?"

    It has worked 2 times (out of 21 attempts).
  12. 10 Apr '07 17:31
    14 wins out of 17 games with the Smith-Morra gambit.
    Nothing else comes close.
  13. 10 Apr '07 18:46 / 1 edit
    The french defense!

    Actually the Bb4 line of the english has been very good to me (I play the english and black plays the Bb4)