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  1. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    20 Feb '12 19:25
    On the site, Jankrb (a modern renaissance man, of which chess is one of his many talents) has beaten me like an old rug, with me only drawing once and losing 7 games out of our first 8 encounters.

    We have a few games going on now, and I have good chances in one of them, but even that just proves that even a broken clock is correct twice a day...
  2. Standard member Exuma
    20 Feb '12 21:51
    Nallapuh. Something about this players style makes me feel like I have no chance by the fourth or fifth move. I usually blunder trying to make something out of nothing or resign because there is nothing to do - here is me learning a lesson about the sicilian opening - I play black and get crushed

    Game 7246127

  3. Standard member chessicle
    The Chessicle
    20 Feb '12 22:58
    Perhaps not so surprising, I also have an abysmal record against jankrb, but I am very proud of my one victory in ten games:

  4. 21 Feb '12 00:01
    marc56, only played two against him but both were a schooling for me:

  5. 21 Feb '12 15:05
    I always struggle against Blanca who is rated higher than me and Snorpj who is rated lower than myself.
  6. Donation ketchuplover
    21 Feb '12 16:08
    My nemesis is everybody
  7. 21 Feb '12 17:27
    There's an 1100 rated player named 'Kingdog' who I seem to be playing a constant cycle of rematches with.

    I've beaten him 11 times, he's beaten me 5, with two draws. It's poor form to talk about games in progress, but it's likely he'll soon be making turning me over for the half-dozenth time.
  8. 21 Feb '12 18:42
    watchyourbackrank would so far be my nemesis nominee! We have completed two games and in both we each mustered no more than a draw. The game we're in now is precarious for me - and I'll be lucky to escape with my life. We have yet another game still slated against one another... so we'll be running into each other at least once more.

    In this first game I was hoping to pull off a sneaky domination against his rook - but he must have seen the tactic and brilliantly sidestepped it into a position I couldn't find anything lasting in (damn! draw!)

    This game (our 2nd) was a game that we both annotated and shared in the forums. I was definitely lucky to escape a loss in this game. So far in all of our games watchyourbackrank has given me a vicious education in opening technique!

  9. 21 Feb '12 19:42
    thanks, Q although it's a bit of a luxury on your behalf to call me a nemesis opponent since you never lost a game against me.
    we've had good games against each other so far, the ongoing one being no exception. already looking forward to our next one.
  10. Standard member Exuma
    21 Feb '12 20:25
    Originally posted by brit commando
    I always struggle against Blanca who is rated higher than me and Snorpj who is rated lower than myself.
    Blanca is a great player, fun to play against!
  11. Standard member theonecolin
    21 Feb '12 22:08
    My nemesis would be Knightstalker47 , played 4 and i was thrashed 4 times , no idea why he just causes me a lot of problems . . one day i may improve enough to settle the score
  12. 22 Feb '12 00:17
    For me, its Tigerking. I have one draw and 5 losses, including some terrible losses. My worst performance, however, appears to be against thaughbaer. I have 1 win 2 draws and 1 loss - even up against a player rated 200 points lower than I am.
  13. 22 Feb '12 16:47

    Rated ~500 points lower than me. My record: won 1 lost 3. I can't cope with fearless unbridled agression.

    I find sbini really difficult to play against too.
  14. 22 Feb '12 17:05 / 1 edit
    I already see some structure appearing in the names of the nemesis: they are kings in the animal world:

  15. Subscriber PureRWandB
    CCC Club Leader
    18 Mar '12 04:04
    Hands down, my RHP chess nemesis (and friend) would be dhdenbow
    My record is 18-5-80

    So, I have won a few games, but that only proves that a blind chicken can find a kernel of corn from time to time.