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  1. 21 Apr '07 18:33 / 1 edit

    Can someone tell me how i lost on this game.
  2. 21 Apr '07 18:38
    Lol thanks.
  3. 21 Apr '07 18:39
    Originally posted by Paulie

    Can someone tell me hoe i lost on this game.
    You were timed out...there are time controls and when they run out your opponent can click a skull and claim a win.
  4. Standard member In A Word
    Mr. Hangs-A-Piece
    21 Apr '07 18:48
    Aside from the obvious time out loss, I would also say losing the bishop on move 10 and the rook on move 14 probably had something to do it too...
  5. 21 Apr '07 20:17
    Well that's just how I interpreted the question: how did I lose (when I wasn't in check mate) but it may have been the other
  6. 21 Apr '07 21:44
    Bugger, cheers chaps.