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  1. 25 Jan '10 13:46 / 1 edit
    The problem:
    I'm looking at my position and decide I will maneuver a piece to a better square.While trying to envision the maneuver I suddenly notice first I'll have to make room to give another piece luft for it's trapped and can be attacked next move.I store that in the back of my mind and continue with the manoever.When satisfied I initiate the maneuvering sequence,click 'submit' and instantly realise I forgot to create room for the trapped piece.

    The remedy:
    if I have to make a certain move then play it and worry about the rest later!

    OTB it's even more of a problem.After falling for it countless times you would think I know by now but I just keep doing it 😠
  2. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    25 Jan '10 14:22
    My blind spot is backward knight moves, so I know exactly what you mean. Even being aware, I still miss them occasionally, and it absolutely irritates me for a second, before I start to just laugh about it.

    I want to be the Batman of chess, but I more closely resemble the Joker. Oh well.