1. e4
    06 May '08
    21 Apr '23 15:14

    Game 9

    A rather long draw but it has a wonderful middle game full of tricks.
    The game could have been drawn sooner but Nepo tested Ding’s
    Knight ending and at one time had a plausible trap on the board.

    Then the players went into a semi-blitz mode. I had trouble keeping up.

    Rest Day tomorrow. (I need one)

    Blog Post 559
  2. e4
    06 May '08
    21 Apr '23 21:17

    I found a couple of Red Hot Pawn games with the same set
    up as the end of the Nepo - Ding game 9. KNPPP v KNPP.

    bag3 - the7tidlys RHP 2013

    Black played 41....Nd4 (OOPS!)

    Tabitha Marshall - kingbaz2 RHP 2014

    Black played 48...Kf5 (OOPS!)

    There were of course a few more like this but I
    was stuck by how similar the two positions were.

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