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  1. 04 Dec '07 02:08 / 1 edit
    So who is everyone's favorite?

    Personally I'm rooting for champion by 19! I can feel it!
  2. 04 Dec '07 02:12
    Originally posted by ericmittens
    So who is everyone's favorite?

    Personally I'm rooting for champion by 19! I can feel it!
    For sure has the best most ahead of him
  3. Standard member chessisvanity
    04 Dec '07 02:28
    do you mean world open?
  4. 04 Dec '07 02:33 / 1 edit
    Nope, the world cup!
  5. Standard member Exuma
    04 Dec '07 02:52
    Originally posted by ericmittens
    So who is everyone's favorite?

    Personally I'm rooting for champion by 19! I can feel it!
    I have a book of his games which I really enjoyed! And the wife is Norwegian, so double reason to cheer the young 'un on. I just hope his early style, being willing to sac a piece for initiative is not completely gone, thanks to the big guns beating him (Anand in particular). Then again I always love the romantic in chess, the unsound but complicated that wins is more interesting than the sound and boring.
  6. 04 Dec '07 17:22
    Magnus beats Adams to advance to the quarterfinals!

    What would be really interesting is if Cheperinov were to win it all...and then play Topalov. Some serious conflict of interest there.
  7. 12 Dec '07 07:25
    So its Kamsky and Shirov in the finals. Any predictions?

    Personally I would love to see a Topalov - Shirov match. Some wild chess in store.
  8. 12 Dec '07 07:46
    I think topalov shirov would be fun too. The only thing is, both players who have made it to the finals are a little unpredictable in their performance - Kamsky is the more solid of the two but he can have very bad days himself.
  9. Standard member Freidenker
    Mad scientist
    12 Dec '07 07:52 / 1 edit
    I just hope Kramnik will get back the title in the end, so I don't really care who win this, as long as they lose to the winner of the Anand-Kramnik match

    It's just that I like his trademark positional (and subtle) style, even though i'm just starting to understand it...
  10. 12 Dec '07 08:13
    It might be ok, but try being on the end of a positional squeeze player - it is the worst feeling in the world to have no control over the position right from the opening.
  11. 12 Dec '07 20:09
    Kramnik never lost the title IMO

    But thats another thread altogether.

    Anyway, once Kramnik wipes the floor with Anand I hope to see a rematch between him and Shirov. Shirov got the better of him 10 years ago but Kramnik has improved since then and Shirov really hasn't.
  12. 12 Dec '07 22:02
    Originally posted by ericmittens
    Kramnik never lost the title IMO
    Anyway, once Kramnik wipes the floor with Anand...
    Kramnik didn't exactly "wipe the floor" with either Leko or Topalov, so what makes you think that he will "wipe the floor" with Anand? In fact, his match with Leko was a TIE, and I think that Anand is a better player than Leko.
  13. 13 Dec '07 00:42
    According to, Anand has played Kramnik 122 times, with Anand winning 18 games and Kramnik winning 15 times. Kramnik has won their last three decisive games, though.
  14. 13 Dec '07 01:33
    "wipe the floor" may have been a little strong...

    Still, I'm looking forward to a Kramnik victory and a subsequent rematch with Shirov (whom I'm hoping will beat both Kamsky and Topalov).

    Anyway, Kamsky - Shirov should be an interesting contrast in styles.
  15. 13 Dec '07 07:48
    Kamsky - Shirov and Topalov - any will be interesting games...I doubt that Kramnik - Anand will be very interesting...

    by the way, I do not think that Kramnik can wipe the floor with any player...when he has +2 he will probably draw all the rest....