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  1. Donation ketchuplover
    01 Apr '18 20:10
    1 for YES
  2. Subscriber BigDoggProblemonline
    The Advanced Mind
    02 Apr '18 03:34
    Originally posted by @ketchuplover
    1 for YES
    If you mean, do I support banning resignations, then no, absolutely not.
  3. 02 Apr '18 10:48 / 1 edit
    I think resignation is the first step in learning better chess.

    "I suck at this game...but it's fun."
  4. Subscriber venda
    02 Apr '18 13:03
    Originally posted by @ketchuplover
    1 for YES
    You may as well ask "would you play without checkmate."
    Resigning is part of the game.
  5. Donation ketchuplover
    02 Apr '18 21:44
    Another site does not have a resign button currently. I told the owner it makes that site unique
  6. Standard member elassasino
    king of vectors
    03 Apr '18 08:36
    YES & from my profile : ... & an upd8te... to those under ~ 1.3-1.5 K ... to suddenly (w/o notice) , just quit [resign] ... is to disrespect the game, yourself & more importantly your partner ... play it out ... you'll be amazed how often @ our level ... lady luck &/or blunder plays her hand ... njoy the ryde & get over the fact you just myte lose anudda game : } . We all need endgame practice ... otherwise you are simply wasting the other persons valuable time & contribution to YOUR chess knowledge, so consider exhibiting a bit of the ole british stiff upper lip eh or in american; grow a set!
    I think a gr8t site improvement would be to allow players to disable this & other e-features such as flip the board, analyze, & whatever the hell conditional moves are. ie let the players emulate a real board game, now if we could also somehow deal w/ those ethical midgets who play the game in parallel on their fones & tablets, just enuff to squeak out a 3-5 pt lead & then their game becomes suddenly normal for their r8tyng. .
  7. 03 Apr '18 09:23
    I like the idea in principle of not being allowed to resign solely because
    of the fun one would have creating self mates to terminate the game.

    Prizes could be awarded, as they do brilliancies, for the best self mate.

    I know this idea was put forward a few years ago in OTB chess with the possible
    penalty of resigning instead of getting mated being losing an extra five rating points.

    One foreseeable drawback being a lot of players think being checkmated is shameful and
    degrading so they would just sit their sulking, stop making moves and simply lose on time.

    As it is possible to lose on time in a won position no 5pt. penalty could be enforced.
  8. 03 Apr '18 10:43 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by @ketchuplover
    1 for YES
    NO. I don't want to be forced to play on in a game when my position is hopelessly lost. Slow but inevitable deaths are not my idea of enjoyment.
  9. Standard member elassasino
    king of vectors
    03 Apr '18 12:30
    seems there are 2 variations in play here, 1 no resignations allowed & 2 an option where the players can choose amongst themselves what works for them, i am in that latter camp.
    If i've put in a significant amount of brain sugar and my opponent quits around move 22 simply because i'm up a pawn & then perhaps a 3 pt.r & the sod just quits w/o notice (& they never notice me)... i usually follow up w/ a private message depicting them as a quitter & cut n paste my txt from above (which anyone is welcome to copy & use) I try to shame these players into a higher level of behaviour. & if i can remember them, i wont select them again on an open invite. It is another kind of fun to win or lose (can you say stalemate) by a single passed pawn; like life .... we must never quit muchachos ...
    : } oxo
  10. 03 Apr '18 19:56 / 2 edits
    No, and it's not a matter of saving face -- it's also a matter of not wasting the other player's time in a clearly lost position.

    I do agree with @elassasino re: not quitting over a slight material difference, especially at the (my) lower levels of skill and chess-perception.

    However, I think the idea of shaming other people into better behavior is a concept that undermines itself. Through the lens of evolution, it's understandable that controlling our environment, including other people, got us to where we are today. But people trying to control other people usually leads to anger, resentment, and (let's hope) frustration (and let's hope nothing worse).

    @elassasino , these shaming PMs you mentioned seem like poor sportsmanship to me, although I understand they were well-intended. As for me, I have sent a PM to someone who I thought quit a game too early, but with the intention of encouragement rather than shaming, and I think I also included some tips and an explanation re: why too early.

    BTW, I do recognize the irony of me addressing your post publicly, and am sorry about that, especially because generally I do agree with you and I like the way you express yourself (not flirting, just saying), even if we disagree about some particulars.

    As for me, if I'm on the losing side and a pretty or distinctive mate is coming up in a move or two, I'll try to remember to play it through, in case our game makes the front page.
  11. Standard member elassasino
    king of vectors
    04 Apr '18 04:22
    good evening & good on you for trying to take the high road,... in my short life, i find lowly peeps respond better to a swift kick in the knackers, than they do 2 reason & decency : }
    i also note, if i yak or type long enuff, reasonable folks can find much to agree upon & thus am not surprised to find we do ... i await our dance on the checkered board : }