1. DonationJacko
    Knock, Knock...?
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    18 Mar '02
    29 Sep '02 12:40
    ... Perpetual Motion. When a cat is dropped, it always lands on its
    feet, and when toast is dropped, it always lands buttered side down.
    Therefore, if a slice of toast is strapped to a cat's back, buttered side
    up, and the animal is then dropped, the two opposing forces will cause
    it to hover, spinning inches above the ground. If enough toast-laden
    felines were used, they could form the basis of a high-speed monorail


    ps(you may of seen this on Genius's profile thanks Alan)
  2. DonationAcolyte
    Now With Added BA
    04 Jul '02
    29 Sep '02 16:28
    Nope. Drag (as well as any load on the system) would cause the cat/toast to slow down until
    it stopped, hovering in mid-air with the toast and the cat both on their sides. To get the
    system started again you could a) spin it yourself or b) lift the cat/toast and drop it again to
    provide the necessary kinetic energy. The further you dropped them, the faster they would
    spin, though there would be a limiting value at which the spinning causes the cat to pass out.
  3. Donationmaggoteer
    The MAKIA
    a bit closer please
    08 Dec '01
    29 Sep '02 19:18
    Actually this is how bullet trains levitate. they try to tell everyone it's magnetism.....
  4. Donationkirksey957
    With White Women
    31 Jul '01
    30 Sep '02 02:42
    Where's the cat? I'll get back with you . Kirk
  5. Donationmaggoteer
    The MAKIA
    a bit closer please
    08 Dec '01
    30 Sep '02 20:31
    That's what makes the high pitched train sound. And you thought it
    was the whistle.
  6. Asheville
    20 Sep '02
    30 Sep '02 22:11
    LMAO! You took that one and ran with it. Good God, man, this is

    PS. Did you guys know that the laws physics can be used to explain
    why toast always falls butter side down? It's one of a number
    of "Murphy's Laws" that have a real explaination.
  7. Joined
    08 Jul '02
    03 Oct '02 03:15
    I thought Murphy's made oil soap to clean the floor with...ah...oh...I
    get it! Murphy wants the toast to always fall butter side down so
    consumers will buy their product! But, c'mon...Murphy's Law was a
    movie. It's all done to make money, those Hollywood capitalists!!!

  8. Asheville
    20 Sep '02
    03 Oct '02 19:31
    Well, the original Murphy's law was created by an electrical engineer
    who was fed up with the people working under him getting things
    wrong. He said that if any system (such as a computer) can be wired
    or connected improperly, it will be.

    Murphy's Law of Non-Random Buttered Toast Distribution is explicable
    because any piece of toast, when dropped from a table, usually has a
    rotational speed within a certain range due to the way that it's
    dropped. Also, tables have a certain standard height due to the shape
    of the average human body. If a piece of toast is dropped with a
    certain rotation (within a certain range) from a certain height, it will go
    through a certain number of rotations before it lands. It just so
    happens that it usually goes through an extra half rotation to land
    butter-side down.

    Thus, toast lands butter-side down because we are that height we are.
    We are the height we are because, says the Christians, God made us
    this way. This further proves my belief that God hates us.

    So: Toast lands butter-side down because of the shape of the human
    body. God created the human body. Ipso facto, God hates us.

  9. Joined
    08 Jul '02
    03 Oct '02 20:24
    So does that mean that toast will always land butter side down? We
    could drop it from our mouths as we bite into it, sending the toast
    cascading down the shirt, across the lap, into the table leg, and then
    to the floor. If that happens, God loves us and we're the screwups.


    P.S. Murphy also said, "If ANYTHING can go wrong, it will go wrong."
    But he was an incurable optimist, and believed that if we know all
    things are messed up, we can take appropriate steps to stop the
  10. Asheville
    20 Sep '02
    03 Oct '02 22:33
    Actually, this explaination just applies to tabletop phenomenon. The
    original Murphy's Law had to deal with electrical engineering. The rest
    were added later and by other people.

    Now ask me about Murphy's Law of Maps!

  11. Joined
    01 Dec '01
    03 Oct '02 23:29
    is that Vaknso's brother?
  12. Asheville
    20 Sep '02
    05 Oct '02 19:14

    --Rein, who subscribes to the "stupid questions deserve stupid
    answers" doctrine.
  13. Donationrwingett
    Ming the Merciless
    Royal Oak, MI
    09 Sep '01
    03 Oct '02 23:58
    Your post is unconvincing, but it does serve an unexpected purpose. I shall use the evidence you
    put forward, not to examine the physics of falling toast, but rather to disprove the existance of
    God. To wit: The Christians claim that God made us in his image. By extension the implication is
    that God's toast also lands butter side down when dropped from a table. Such an assertion is
    incompatible with the concept of a perfect and supreme being. If there is a heaven, it would go
    without saying that God's toast would always land butter side up. If man is made in God's image
    then it should follow that his toast would land the same way. But Murphy's law shows us that quite
    the opposite is the case, which demonstrates quite convincingly that God does not exist 😉
  14. Joined
    01 Dec '01
    04 Oct '02 00:00
    that is nonsense. You have not understood the cosmic value of the
    osmosis between the butter and the ground. go back to school.
  15. Virginia
    14 Apr '02
    04 Oct '02 00:16
    You presume that God thinks butter-side up is right and/or correct.
    This may, of course, simply be a silly human perception. Consistent
    evidence, in fact, would indicate that butter-side down is indeed
    correct, Godly, and that Murphy's law may well be a way of correcting
    the wrongs humans introduce into God's system. I will also note that
    men seem to instinctively know this (WRT buttered-toast) and
    immediately invoke the 5-second rule!
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