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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. 17 Feb '05 17:14 / 1 edit
  2. Standard member PBE6
    17 Feb '05 18:21
    Originally posted by fearlessleader
    I give up. What's the answer?
  3. 17 Feb '05 21:21
    i'm sorry.
    my lack of time and misunderstanding of how this text engin works resulted in me leaving this thread blank.

    First: i didn't creat this. (for the few of you who know me in person, this was divised by the Grand Master.) i'm fairly certain it is indeed fractel, but i'm not sure of my notation. i'll explain it first.

    take a point (P1A). draw an arc of a circle from 0-180 degrees with a radius of n centered on this P1A. label the endpoints of this arc P1B and P1C. lable the midpoint of P1A,P1B P2(B)A, and the midpoint of P1A,B1C P2(C)A. draw 180degree arcs with radius n/2 centered on P2(B)A and P2(C)A so that they cross their respective endpoint of arc 1 at their 90degree mark.
    continue this pattern up and down infinetly.

    NOW: the notation i have devised for this. i have reformated it a little to compensate for this wordproseser. disregard all the notation i created in the descriptoion. for clarity, i will be using exessive parenthisies, and i will be using ~ to mean the opposit of ^ i will not be using ^ only to mean "raised to the power of", but rather superscripts in general.


    i think i've expressed the entierty, but i dought this is the most elegant means.

    is this by any chance a pre-established fractel?
  4. 17 Feb '05 22:09
    i know that was a quagmire of notation that was, i hope you can root through it all.
  5. 18 Feb '05 12:33
    here's the other one.
    i'm not sure if this one is truly fractal, and again, i'm unsure of the notation. it's a little simpler to explain. pretend my E is one of those cool angualr greek "e"s (sum). "k" just means intigers.

    f(x)=E t~k