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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. 26 Jul '08 07:01
    I found, quite nice really. Dun use chess computers!

    White to play, mate in four:
  2. 26 Jul '08 10:41
    all my instincts tell me there is no forced mate in 4 possible.
  3. 26 Jul '08 12:09
    oh sure, there is.
  4. 26 Jul '08 14:01
    ah i see it now, its all working with pins. nice.
  5. 27 Jul '08 19:27
    got it. took me quite a while.
  6. 27 Jul '08 22:32
    I think I have the first couple of moves, but I can't quite see how to finish it off.

    What I have determined is that white must continually check black, else black will launch a counterattack and white won't be able to do it in 4.

    The queen on f seems like the best launching point, as there are two queens attacking it and it does give check.

    1) Qaxf2 Qgxf2 2) Qfxf2 Qhxf2 3) ???

    This is where I get stuck as to how to continue.
  7. 28 Jul '08 01:17 / 2 edits
    Oh idiot that I am, I just found the solution and have PM'd doodinthemood a full solution.

    I was mistaken on my second move, although in my estimation any series of moves where you keep his king in check should suffice for a clear win.
  8. 28 Jul '08 19:10
    geep has it, as does heinzkat.
  9. Standard member PocketKings
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    29 Jul '08 00:14
    What is this? The non-sub club?
  10. 30 Jul '08 14:03
    forkedknight also has the answer. He basically had it the same time as the others, but he blundered a bit in his writing it down.