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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Proud Boys Beware
    06 Jul '11 23:08
    It is the time of humanity's first awakening. "I am", they thought, and they were.

    Widespread technology is very simple. All you know about are sharpened wooden spears and clubs for hunting and defense. Food is gathered from the land for most, with little hunting taking place except among certain groups. The stone meat scraper has recently been invented to allow the harvesting of large predators' leavings.

    In many places there is magic, in most places spirits.

    Now, however, you are in a place with little magic. It is a subtropical savannah near a tropical rain forest. Nearby is a local spirit, a man no taller than a person's ankle, who has been nicknamed Midget. He is speaking to you and a few others.

    Listening to him, besides yourself, are a few people. Banana King, an athletic shaman looking man decorated in banana skins, holds a shamanistic spear in one hand and a dirty stone meat scraper in the other.

    Near Banana King is the one nonhuman member of the audience, iamatiger, who seems to be Banana King's familiar or allied spirit, and is very large and intimidating with sharp claws and powerful jaws.

    Megamaster stands grinning, rubbing a large, bruised lump on his head.

    A few others are there as well; random locals who have gathered near.

    The tiny little man called Midget begins to speak.

    "As you know, this place is a hard place to live in for your kind. Well, I know a better place. However I am only going to show you all one time, then I'm going back home and going to sleep.

    You won't be able to come back easily. It is a place of great wealth and power, and one of the quirks is that the ways in are not the ways out. You'll need to find your way out. You'll also need to defend yourself against the others. You see, many people want to live there, and they don't like strangers. But go there if you want. At least you won't have to eat meat scraped from an old corpse.

    I am going to lead you there now. Come if you want. Or stay here. At least you'll eat well if you go there. I don't care I guess. At least I kept you all from starving on top of my roof. That would be very bad luck."

    The little man, muttering, begins to walk off into the distance with his little knobbly walking stick in one hand.

    Those who follow him are led toward a craggy, mountainous region, into a short tunnel, and then into the Blessed Valley.

    It is beautiful and abundant, all a person could want in a location.

    Three paths lead off from the small hillside clearing you are on. Between them are cliffs and boulders. The cave you arrived in is gone, as is Midget, nowhere to be seen.

    To the left, the path continues up into a hilly region. Strong male voices are chanting rhythmically from that direction.

    To the right, the path leads into a wooded grove, filled with fruit trees.

    Directly ahead there is a small lake. People are wading in the shallows.

    Which way will you go?

    In the following diagram, your small group is where the White King is. The Rooks are rocky cliffs. You are facing along the a1-h8 diagonal, making that the central path to the lake.

  2. 07 Jul '11 07:59
    Tiger thinks: Got off to a bad start with the last humans, this bananary one isn't too bad though, maybe try again with these ones?
  3. 07 Jul '11 11:35
    point spear at megamaster for trying to break my ankle
  4. 07 Jul '11 23:04
    Hmm, humans are arguing, go off to river to see what is going on there.
  5. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Proud Boys Beware
    08 Jul '11 18:55 / 1 edit
    Iamatiger leaves the two glaring humans and wanders down the middle path toward the lake. He is represented by the White Queen on the following map.

  6. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Proud Boys Beware
    08 Jul '11 19:16
    [b][i]It is early evening. At the lake, the air smells of delicious fish. The beautiful, dark surface of the lake water ripples gently as the humans gather something from the floor of the lake near the shore. The air is cool and pleasant. There is little to be heard other than the humans talking to one another.

    In the following diagram:

    White Queen = iamatiger
    Black Rooks = rocky cliffs and boulders
    Black Pawns = lake
    White Pawns = humans wading in lake
    White Bishop = uncertain...some sort of noble or shaman?

    Paths to the north and east along the shores of the lake lead away. To the north seems to be where a river feeds into the lake. To the east the jungle region meets the edge of the lake.
  7. 08 Jul '11 20:57
    temporary truce... try to find a place to meditate with the shaman
  8. 08 Jul '11 22:52
    walk interestedly to humans, to see what they are doing in river, make sure I don't scare it away if it is food.
  9. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Proud Boys Beware
    09 Jul '11 01:42
    Banana King follows iamatiger:

    [b][i]When iamatiger leaves the rocky path and approaches the lake, both he and Banana King hear a loud woman's voice call out across the water with supernatural clarity. The wading people do not seem to notice.

    "Greetings, Flame Tiger, what are you doing here in this place of Water? Do not challenge us here in our domain. Begone to the lands of flame from which you came. You have no power here."
  10. 09 Jul '11 09:03
    Hmm, they don't want me here. Ok, maybe they have cubs to protect. Walk towards the jungle region in the east.
  11. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Proud Boys Beware
    10 Jul '11 21:40 / 2 edits
    As the tiger approaches the forest region, the three closest humans shriek in fright and swim away a short distance.

    Then, Banana King comes into the woman's view and her clear, supernatural voice projects again across the lake:

    [i]"Greetings, Man of the Jungle. If you come as a friend you are welcome. What do you have to trade with us today? You are not carrying many fruits. Not enough for all my children. You may eat, but then you must go, unless you have business here, and you must leave some of your sweets for my children to taste in return for your meal."

  12. 10 Jul '11 23:56
    Stroll into the forest to see what is there
  13. 11 Jul '11 11:49
    start banana dance. when finished, i have 20 bananas to trade.
  14. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Proud Boys Beware
    18 Jul '11 03:49
    As iamatiger wanders off to the southeast, Banana King begins his Banana Dance. As he dances and chants, he finds himself pulled along in the same direction iamatiger is going in.

    The tiger, followed by the Banana King, approach a tropical rainforest region.

    The black Bishops are trees, vines, underbrush etc. The black Rooks are rocks and boulders. Banana King's magical dance brings the scent of bananas and knowledge - Banana King knows that the black Queens are banana trees. To get his bananas, he must reach those trees. The identity of the other pieces is uncertain.

    To the north, the rainforest meets the shore of the lake. To the west, the forest becomes lighter, and then beyond that is the hilly region that you arrived in. To the east is deeper woods.
  15. 19 Jul '11 09:51
    Tomtom the shaman of choice. I choose to send a choice spirit towards the chanting to spie before I decide which way to go. I can only send one spirit per choice of path.