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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

  1. 29 Oct '02 20:46
    Another problem of The chess mysteries of Sherlock Holmes by
    Raymond Smullyan:

    I'll shorten the story.
    Sherlock Holmes enters a room and sees a chess-set with a shilling
    on h4, representing a missing piece. He is then challenged to deduce
    what the missing piece is. Of course he succedes.

    White: Kh8, Rd7, Rd8, a5, b4, c3, d3, e2, g3, h2
    Black: Kb7, Na1, Nc8, a6, a7, c4, c5, d6, e7, g7
    h4: a shilling, representing the missing piece

    Who can tell me what the missing piece is?
  2. 29 Oct '02 21:42
  3. Donation Acolyte
    Now With Added BA
    30 Oct '02 09:34
    Do we have to assume that both players played sensibly?
  4. 30 Oct '02 09:43
    Sensibly I don't know.
    They played according to the rules of chess, so this position can be
    reached playing from the begin-position.
  5. 31 Oct '02 18:03
    Obviously, it is Black's move, but is there anything else we need to
    know to solve this? I'm stuck, since I don't see any way to prove that
    one piece is any more correct than any other. (Except that it cannot be
    a Black Rook or Queen). Also, how is it that white was able to move
    the rook to d7 with check? It could only have come from c7, where it
    would still be checking the king. I don't see that any piece on h4 could
    fix this issue.

    What am I missing?

  6. 31 Oct '02 19:36
    Did the rook on d7 really come from c7?
    Or did white play another last move?

    To answer your question if you need to know more: no! You've got all
    the information you need to solve this problem!
    I must say it's rather complicated...
  7. 31 Oct '02 19:49
  8. 31 Oct '02 19:52
    sorry - entered.
    White's last move could have been cxd8+ promotes to rook.
    but then...
  9. 31 Oct '02 19:57
    What did the pawn capture?
  10. 31 Oct '02 20:09
    didn't figure it out yet. But the missing piece is NOT a white pawn.
  11. 01 Nov '02 10:11
    going ahead slowly: i think it was a bishop:
    - 2 knights still on the board
    - with Queen or Rook white would be in check before and after blacks
    last move

    later , i am going to reason further from there....
  12. Donation Rhymester
    and RedHotTed
    01 Nov '02 12:12
    Is this the way the board was set up?
  13. Donation Acolyte
    Now With Added BA
    01 Nov '02 14:02
    I think that's what Hotpawn said - thanks Andrew! Colin
  14. 01 Nov '02 14:13
    Yes it is.

    Thank you very much, Andrew!

  15. 01 Nov '02 14:16
    are you sure the missing piece is on h4 and not on h3?
    I seem to be stuck somewhere. Sin.