1. Subscribersonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    slatington, pa, usa
    28 Dec '04
    03 Aug '16 13:47
    I just finished a book by Gregory Benford and Larry Niven, strangely enough, a sci fi novel, Benford is a real live physicist and Niven a hard core sci fi writer, like the Ringworld series.

    Anyway in their collaboration 'Bowl of Heaven' and the sequel, Shipstar,

    they talk about the object in the books, basically a dish 160 million kilometers across and they talk about the forces involved in a spinning disk of that size (to get artificial gravity, since it is a huge habitat for life forms from around the galaxy)

    Anyway they talk of stuff that is 100,000 times stronger than steel, needed to actually build something that large.

    Based on connecting strong forces together somehow so the strong force is the binding force of some kind of material.

    Anyone have ANY kind of idea how you could make strong force material?

    Obviously all matter has strong forces internally and such but what kind of futuristic method could use the strong force as a building material?
  2. Cape Town
    14 Apr '05
    03 Aug '16 14:25
    The problem with using the strong force is it only acts at short distances (or at least it is only strong at short distances).
    That would require closely packed matter which in turn means higher densities (much much much higher densities) which in turn means more gravity which defeats the purpose.

    I suppose a 1 nuclear particle thick thread of nuclear matter might not be too heavy.