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  1. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    07 May '15 10:46
  2. Standard member Dasa
    07 May '15 17:58
    Originally posted by sonhouse
    Explain this process in plain English please.
  3. 07 May '15 18:54
    Originally posted by sonhouse
    This is the same link I gave for the OP in my "missing link between Archaea and eukaryotes discovered" thread.
  4. 07 May '15 19:03 / 10 edits
    Originally posted by Dasa
    Explain this process in plain English please.
    Do you mean "evolution" by "process" here?
    if so, you could look it up yourself. It isn't difficult to understand the many plain English explanations of evolution over the net providing you have a genuine desire to understand it. But I will be perfectly glad to spend time here explaining it in plain-English in my own personal words on request

    BUT, if you do NOT have an honest genuine desire to understand it because you are one of those religious types (I am not referring here to all religious types; only some ) that choose to be confused by the simple concept of evolution -take this to the Spirituality forum where it belongs.
  5. Standard member DeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    10 May '15 23:08
    Lokiarchaeota have their own Wikipedia page now. I've just read it and it has a little more detail than the article. I'd say it's worth looking at to those who are interested.