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Science 24 Jun '14 16:23
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    I only post this here because I am a bit puzzled by why they said “Researchers at Kiel University (CAU) have now reached a sobering conclusion: "cancer is as old as multi-cellular life on earth and will probably never be completely eradicated",

    Why do they expect us to find that “sobering”? As long as we can eventually find effective cures for all HUMAN cancers without horrible side effects and without too much cost and every cancer patient is given such cures so nobody suffers or dies of it, who cares whether there is still cancer “on earth”!
    The only thing I find "sobering" about this is that it may take a great many years before we actually do have such totally effective cures and thus, in the mean time, many people will continue to die ghastly deaths from cancer.
    Unless they are implying no such totally effective cures to all cancer types will ever be created? If so, I would point out nothing they have argued or discovered indicates this in the slightest.