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  1. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    28 Oct '16 18:00

    This development opens up possibilities for new kinds of technology, one mentioned in comments, 3D printing an entire motor with internal magnets and all.
  2. 28 Oct '16 19:31
    For the first time, magnets are be made with a 3-D printer


    I recall linking you to an example of 3D magnets from years ago.
  3. 28 Oct '16 19:40
    Here is another guy claiming to be the first:

    Three years ago

    Here is the video I showed you before:

    And another one, I think the same company:

    Buy your printer now:
  4. Standard member apathist
    looking for loot
    30 Oct '16 06:52
    Originally posted by twhitehead...
    Okay. Now go wipe yourself clean.