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  1. 26 Aug '11 08:41
    See this article on a new study
  2. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    26 Aug '11 17:38
    Originally posted by shahenshah
    See this article on a new study
    Hi, thanks for the link to National Geographic, didn't have that link in my list.

    Wonder what creationists will think of this one? Well I guess we don't have to actually do much wondering, eh.

    BTW, how is the radio project coming?
  3. 27 Aug '11 10:24
    True, you already know the answer to that.
    But forget that, I would look forward to more debate on the subject matter rather than whether evolution or creation is right.

    I have been busy all week. I hope to get work on it this weekend.
  4. 08 Sep '11 03:44
    Some news on evolution, I couldn't find a suitable thread to post it so I am using the old post....