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    This is getting interesting!
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    Oh yes! it says;

    "...A potent dose of engineered measles virus has been shown for the first time to have completely wiped out a woman's cancer, US scientists reported this week.

    "Here we have got a therapy that you give once, and the outcome can be long-term remission of cancer,"


    The 49-year-old patient was diagnosed with a kind of bone marrow cancer called multiple myeloma. She had a tumor on her forehead and the cancer had spread through her bone marrow.

    She was given an intravenous dose of measles virus, known as MV-NIS, that is selectively toxic to myeloma plasma cells.
    Despite some side effects early on, including a severe headache, the tumor on her forehead soon disappeared and her bone marrow cleared.

    Russell said her remission lasted for nine months. When the tumor on her forehead began to reappear, doctors treated it with local radiotherapy.
    A report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune said the woman, now 50, continues to be in good health and hopes her doctor's visit next month will show that she is still cancer-free.

    A second patient in the study did not fare as well. She had large tumors in her legs and the therapy did not eradicate them.

    However, using advanced imaging studies, doctors were able to track the path of the measles virus in her body and found it was indeed attacking the areas where tumors were growing.

    there obviously is still a lot of research work to be done on this before it is perfected but this is looking very good!
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    -yet another promising cancer treatment although the cancer must be directly exposed to infrared laser light for the treatment to explode the cancer cells so I guess this treatment would unfortunately be limited to only where you can access to apply that light and so this probably wouldn't work if, say, the cancer is too deep in the brain tissue or heart tissue. Quite complicated how this treatment works. Now, if only they can somehow replace that infrared light with different radiation (such as x-rays or microwaves ) that can access much deeper in body tissue, they would eliminate the main limitation of this treatment.This is the first time I have seen or heard of the word "quadrapeutics" -that's a new one on me!
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    This looks like a promising case:


    Although the side effects in this case were terrible.
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