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  1. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Do ya think?
    22 Nov '09 23:32
    This is amazing!

  2. Subscriber joe shmo
    Strange Egg
    23 Nov '09 04:02
    Originally posted by AThousandYoung
    This is amazing!

    What is wrong with people.....

    How do you suppose the come up with these F-ing postulates?

  3. Standard member wolfgang59
    23 Nov '09 12:12
    Originally posted by AThousandYoung
    This is amazing!

    Amazing no. Amazingly funny yes.

    This claim by Happeh Theory is bizarrely argued by…wait for it…the assassination of John F Kennedy.

    In the film, JFK is shot, and his wife Jackie turns around and looks as if she is reaching behind her. For some reason, Happeh seems to think that "the official explanation is that she was reaching for the part of JFK's head that had been blown off". The theory then postulates:

    "What happened is that because they were man and wife, their energy was intertwined with each other…her physical body is reaching back for the exact physical location where JFK died. Her soul was still momentarily intertwined with his when he died, so she was pulled back to the spot where his soul left his body."

    This aspect of Happeh Theory is considered by experts to clearly be the opinion of someone who has never been married and - hopefully - never will be.

  4. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Do ya think?
    23 Nov '09 18:43
    I just discovered Don't go there.

    That's the site with graphic nude images of how exactly masturbation does what Happeh claims it does.