1. Joined
    26 May '08
    06 Jun '09 10:47
    This could eventually end the problem of the world shortage of donor organs for transplants:


    For example, it has been shown that you can use detergent to wash away cells in a pig’s heart so that all is left is a ‘scaffold’ of collagen and then this ‘scaffold’ can be seeded with human stem cells (possibly from the patient to avoid the problem of organ rejection) and the stem cells differentiate into the various kinds of heart cells on this scaffold creating a fully functional heart ready for transplant.
  2. The twilight zone
    05 Sep '06
    06 Jun '09 11:06
    I'm all for that having just had a liver transplant myself. This should be research that the govt gets behind big time. Damn sight more useful than bailing out delinquent banks.