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  1. Subscribersonhouse
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    slatington, pa, usa
    28 Dec '04
    02 Feb '19 16:054 edits

    With frequencies measured in high terahertz, to get a color within one hertz is quite an achievement!.

    And in microchip form, making that kind of stability available for many projects and technologies around the world!

    In the Gigahertz range of what we use today, we need very accurate frequency control for phase modulation and such. Now that might allow superhigh bandwidths of data to be put on one laser beam.

    If a 5 gigahertz signal can easily support a half gig digital signal, say 1/10th of the frequency/wavelength devoted to data being modulated on the main carrier, then the multi terahertz lasers can be modulated to support hundreds of gigahertz data signals modulated into that beam.

    This moggled the bind!

    imagine a hundred gigahertz or more of data going down one fiber optic cable!