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Science Forum

  1. Standard member DeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    17 Mar '09 08:37
  2. 17 Mar '09 19:43
    Can’t they use flame throwers?
  3. Standard member zozozozo
    Thread Killing Chimp
    17 Mar '09 22:43
    Originally posted by DeepThought
    lol nice, to bad there wasnt a slowmotion video of a mosquito kill^^

    "The scientists' actual target is malaria, which is caused by a parasite transmitted when certain mosquitoes bite people."
    Yes, so thier plan to kill this parasite is to kill all the mosquito spiecies (or only the females) that could carry it?
    What are mosquitos good for? There must be at least serveral animals that feed on them? You could kill an entire eco-system lol