1. Subscribersonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    slatington, pa, usa
    28 Dec '04
    13 May '14 12:18

    It seems the world of shortwave radio is not totally dead yet!

    I remember listening to short wave radio from a Zenith transoceanic radio owned by my uncle when I was a kid and it was alive with broadcasts from all over the globe.

    It used to sound so funny, the lines from Radio Moscow telling how things were falling apart in the US and the same from Radio havana and Red China.

    But there were also lots of ship at sea comm lines, ship to ship, ship to shore, these broadcasts were a large part of me getting into amateur radio when I got my first license at age of 14.

    But short wave listening has dwindled down to some broadcasts that makes me ashamed to be American, religious broadcasts and survivalists who hock emergency supplies and guns.

    The Voice of America has all but disappeared and now the only English broadcasts worth listening to is Radio Netherlands or BBC.

    My favorite catch in English recently was a station in the Solomon Islands, if I recall the station ID was SIBC on 5020 Khz. It lasted about 10 minutes when a gigantic station from Germany blew them away. I found them a couple of times later but then they were lost.

    Anyway that's my report on shortwave radio.