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Science Forum

  1. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    06 Jun '12 01:20
    You can see it on and, live feeds!
  2. Standard member mikelom
    06 Jun '12 12:15
    Saw it for real this morning in Ayutthaya - 70Km north of BKK. I drove there to get away from Bangkok and the poor visibility. I couldn't get pics, as I don't have a camera that attaches, but it was a good sight to see thru a filtered scope.

    That's my opportunity taken, as I won't be around in 107 years .

  3. 07 Jun '12 03:07
    Originally posted by sonhouse
    You can see it on and, live feeds!
    Funny, I stared at the sun all day and did not see a thing. In fact, I still can't see a thing.