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  1. 03 Mar '14 11:48 / 1 edit
    Not a cure but this sounds promising for treating a certain type of leukemia:

    It doesn't say if this drug can be adapted for other types of cancer.
  2. 06 Mar '14 10:08 / 4 edits
    Here is yet another hopeful sounding breakthrough, this time using a bird virus to attack a tumor but then stimulate the immune system to attack the other tumors not infected by the bird virus!

    With so many hopeful sounding resent breakthroughs in cancer treatment, I cannot help but think we will have effective cures for most or even all cancers currently not curable in perhaps in as little as just ~15 years time?
    -and cures that don't make the patient's hair fall out!
  3. 11 Mar '14 16:40 / 2 edits
    this looks good:

    This technique uses nanoparticles engineered, with the help of some ATP, to release the cancer drug mainly inside cancer cells and near the cell nucleus where it will be most effective against the cancer. This should mean greater selectivity and more effective anti-cancer effect but with less of the nasty side effects.
  4. 21 Mar '14 19:41 / 2 edits
    here is a new promising sounding cancer drug:

    -but I fear that there is a big catch in this case; it contains the extremely rare chemical element iridium thus surely this would make this drug extremely expensive? if so, this will certainly put it far out of reach of the poor around the world esp wherever there is no free health care. They need to think of a way of adapting the chemical formula of that drug so it is at least about as effective but without iridium or any other rare chemical element.