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    04 Jan '07
    09 Feb '07 03:09
    I think there should be a 3 day timebank because 7 days is just too long sometimes.

    What do you guys think?
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    27 Nov '06
    09 Feb '07 03:59
    I feel exactly the same way... a 3-day time bank might also make people more willing to play the very new players (those who, at the moment, may only play one night and then be gone forever) if they are not at risk of holding a game for an entire week.
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    15 Feb '07
    23 Feb '07 12:20
    I would love a 3 day time out. This game (3185267) is mate in one and yet the guy won't move because he does not want to lose. Now I will wait and time him out in what, 10 days I guess. On the other hand after I join the site it really won't matter because I will have more than 6 games available.