1. Standard memberthesonofsaul
    King of the Ashes
    Trying to rise ....
    16 Jun '04
    16 Sep '05 16:50
    So many times I've looked at someone's profile and wanted to comment on it. Other times I've wanted to put more info about myself in my own profile than fits in that little box. So how about a personal forum? Make it one thread thick and perhaps limit the length of the posts and allow the owner of the profile to delete any insulting posts or even turn the feature off. It would be kind of like a mini blog for users who want it.
  2. Standard memberAnwylyd
    02 Apr '05
    16 Sep '05 17:11
    I like that idea... that would also eliminate the need for messages other then for clan leaders if properly applied... perhaps give the person posting a comment the ability to make it private, so only the person he/she is commenting to can read it...