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    02 Jul '05
    09 Jul '05 18:51
    Hi -- I think it would be useful to have the option to add a few additional fields to the "my games" table. In the interest of reducing clutter, perhaps non-essential columns could be turned on/off in the user settings?

    In particular, I was thinking of the move number, the FEN of the current position, the last move pair, opponent's rating, and even possibly the current material count (queen=9 rook=5 etc).


    move number: If I have several games waiting, I prefer to deal with the ones that are still in the opening stages first; this gets my brain back into "chess mode" before stewing over complex middle/endgame problems.

    FEN: I prefer thinking about a position in my own user interface, and it's three clicks from the "my games" page to the current FEN (I know it's available in e-mail).

    last move pair: just useful information, I guess. I'm somtimes anticipating one of a couple of responses, and seeing the algebraic notation of the move right on the "my games" page would be the quickest way to satisfy my curiosity. I think this would also be a nice addition to the "XXX has moved" e-mails. It would also help me remember which game is which, so I can choose which game I want to think about first.

    material count: Similarly to the last move pair, this would help me remember which game is which, so I can choose which game I want to think about first. Games where I'm up 12 pawns in material probably require less thought than the ones where I'm down a pawn, and I like to order my games from least to most complex positions whenever I can.

    opponent's rating: Again to help me remember which game is which and try to decide in which game I'd like to move first.

    Anyhow, I'm sure this is more information than everyone wants on their "my games" table, but these columns could be disabled by default and only enabled through a user setting, if that wouldn't make building the "My games" page too slow.

    Thoughts? Other useful game info?