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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 25 Sep '04 16:11
    Hi, I think it would be great if players could download their archived games to a file in PGN format. Perhaps too, a player could pick and choose select games in their history folder to be saved to the PGN file (an option boxes sort of menu).
  2. 25 Sep '04 16:15
    Opps, I just discovered there is a way to save PGN files by clicking on the "info" link. Perhaps you could add this option to the archive folder screen, a place many players might expect to download games in PGN format.
  3. 25 Sep '04 16:17
    You can already send an email to yourself with up to 100 games in a PGN file. Go to "my Games" there you will see a tab/button "Email My Games".

    I found that I must edit this file before I can import it into my chess software. Some of the lines are word-wrapped, sometimes leading to unparsable PGN. Be careful of this.