1. Virginia
    23 Oct '03
    18 Nov '04 19:17

    What would be cool would be to add a challenge setting that allows you to accept rematches, regardless of rating or game limits. The time-constraint limits would still be restricted as the person challenging for the rematch can change those.

    Sometimes I, or my opponent, want to initiate a rematch, but can't due to a limit. As a result, messages need to be exchanged to work around it. If I could just set a flag to allow rematches regardless of my settings, that would be GREAT!

    So, in practice, when you hit the rematch button, it would also pass the game-id of the game. That way your code could check to make sure that it is a rematch and not a hack.

    Another consideration would be to limit the time period to 2 weeks. If after 2 weeks a rematch has not been issued, then any rematch challenge would be treated the same as any challenge and must meet the rating and max-games criteria of the challengee.
  2. Brooklyn, NY
    19 May '04
    19 Nov '04 18:12
    Excellent idea.

    I usually keep my challenge settings quite strict (to avoid having too many games started) but having finished a game I'm usually up for having a rematch (one finished, one can start).