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    29 Apr '05
    01 Jun '05 01:32
    Whenever I want to use the analyze board feature to check variations, I always have to restart analyzing (to the current game position) if I want to go back a move. Does anyone else have the same problem? Can this be changed?
  2. Standard memberPaulisfree2be
    Shanghai China
    13 Feb '05
    01 Jun '05 08:20
    I second this. After anlaysing ten moves deep into a particular line of attack. it would be useful to be able to be able to retrace one's steps.

    it would also be useful to be able to promote pawns to various pieces when analysing. since this often occurs in end game calculations.

    I am however grateful for the current feature, whoch is better than using my mind only :-)
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    09 Jun '04
    01 Jun '05 09:281 edit
    If you guys really want to have a lot of control over your game analysis, then you should download chesspad here:


    How it works is you email your games to yourself, save the games in a .pgn file, and open them with chesspad. Your power over variations is much more user friendly. Send me a message if you need any help.