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  1. Kalispell, MT
    05 Jul '08
    07 Feb '17 23:17

    This is a great feature - thanks for implementing it a few years back. There are a few minor "bugs" that I think you could iron out very very quickly to help in their viewing.

    1.) When choosing "view games" and wanting to search for "annotated games" no games ever show - because the default search is for games completed in the last 3 hours. Annotations take longer.
    ---Proposed solution: Remove the checkbox, and place a link to "All published Annotations" which is tricky to get too now (I go to my profile, to annotated games, to All published annotations)

    2.) When viewing Annotated Games from a desktop/laptop the default is not the interactive board with the annotations turned on.
    --------Proposed Solution: For games with annotations, make the default board be the interactive board with annotations selected by default. As of now you must find the game, scroll to the bottom of the page, select interactive board, and then select annotations.

    With these two small fixes you could make the annotated games on this site much more available - removing a total of 7 clicks from the browsing and viewing method.