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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 11 Jan '10 03:17
    When I play blitz I cannot make the board bigger. The size is not that bad but it would be great if the board was larger which would let me - others - sit quite far back from the computer instead of leaning in to see.
  2. 11 Jan '10 03:26
    Don't lean in, that's bad for the back.

    Pull the monitor closer towards you.
  3. 11 Jan '10 03:32
    Yeah. But I have a crappy desk and sometimes you don't want to move your monitor all around. Besides it is much more comfortable for me to be a little back from the computer with my mouse arm streched out instead of bent - which feels better cause I broke my wrist 4 times and it gets stiff very easily now. Can't 'they' just create a size option like with regular games?