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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 07 Jan '05 08:32
    Would it be possible to add the following column to the Clan info page for leaders.

    For each member as well as site games, clan games, and league games could we have awaiting games.

    Once a challenge has been issued and is awaiting I cannot see who is in it. Sometimes it takes weeks before clans accept challenges. It would make shedualing clan games easier.

  2. Standard member ZorroRojo
    Sci-Fi Clan Leader
    12 Jan '05 12:29
    I have this same problem. I issue challenges but they are not always accepted the day I issue them. After that I forget who is in them. It would be nice to be able to see who is in a challenge while it is waiting for the challenged clan's leader to accept the challenge.
  3. Standard member Alcra
    Lazy Sod
    12 Jan '05 13:04
    The problem I have, is I would like to see the status of the challenges I am in (if I have missed something, let me know!)

    I know I can see this when viewing a game, but some of the challenges I am in are still active, but I have already completed my games - going to archives is just painful, since I still do not know if the challenge is completed or not.