1. Standard memberMariska Angela
    Nyuszi, golyó!
    28 Jul '09
    17 Sep '09 18:26
    Hello RHP developers.

    Please take into consideration developing what will be stated, I really think it will boost the site very very much.

    First in blitz: I did play some blitz today, but what demotivates me is there is no rating for blitz, I would like if there will be some rating for the blitz feature, and I'm sure more people will be there. Blitz rating ofcourse will be different then the CC rating we have.

    In blitz too, adding a chat lobby shouldn't be difficult i think, to help find opponents easier, and have a chat while wanting to take a break from blitzing.

    Please also consider the option of "Watching" or "veiwing" other player games while in progress in blitz chess, maybe we can learn a thing or two from very good players.

    Lastly, i ask you if you could include an option called "Vote chess" or "chess voting" to every clan and the ability to challenge other clans to a vote chess game.