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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 06 Feb '07 10:01
    when you initiate, or especially when you bounce, a clan challenge you should be able to attach a note. it would allow clan leader to explain why certain matchups might not work. or why a challenge is fair even if the fairness is not reflected in the average rating comparison. i think this would make it easier to come to an agreement for challenges instead of constantly bouncing them back and forth or just deleating the challenge all together.
  2. Subscriber Loose Screw
    Insane in the Brain!
    06 Feb '07 14:45
    I think that you can also work these things out with PM's between the Clanleaders.
  3. Standard member Hindstein
    Finish Him!!!
    06 Feb '07 23:37 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Loose Screw
    I think that you can also work these things out with PM's between the Clanleaders.
    I like this idea.

    Yes, of course you can PM the ideas behind changes and many clan leaders do, but it would make it convenient and very helpful to integrate this into the clan challege system.

    I suggested this about 6 months ago, but I can't find (can't be bothered...) the thread now. I suggested a similar thing but to also include this on the initial challenge request. It would give an opportunity to explain some of the reasons behind the match choices and may prevent some of the senseless bouncing back and forth especially if the clan leaders knew in advance if a member was yellow for a particular reason or that a certain member was selected but only on condition of playing the offered match.

    It would certainly speed up the challenge and accept proceedure if this was implemented.
  4. 07 Feb '07 11:54
    I'll add an extra "here, here" to keep this thread up near the top and hopefully find some extra supporting comments (that's a hint to any other clan leaders out there who might agree). It is definitely a pain to have to navigate away from the challenge page to find the clan leader and then P.M. him/her.