1. SubscriberMarinkatomb
    18 Feb '04
    10 Aug '07 10:39
    Ok, there are quite a lot of Clans playing consultation games (ie, the captains start an unrated game against each other and the team discuss what moves to play in their private forum). I have some suggestions for a feature to regulate these games.

    Would it be possible to add the functionality to send consultation challenges oficially? The way i visualise it is one captains sends a challenge to another Clan, once it is accepted ALL members of the Clan receive a game in their games page (a consultation symbol would need to be added), however, once this is clicked it doesn't open a standard board as with other games, it opens a consultation forum thread with a board showing the position. This way everyone can clearly see when it is their move. Also, if the thread could have a link to the analyse board for the game, that would make it easy for people to follow what others are saying and discuss moves more easily. The Captain would be the only person who could actually make the move once it is decided on.

    If this system were brought in then feasibly Clans could have a consultation rating as well, though that's not so important. I think this would be quite a unique feature to RHP, though whether the coding time is worth it another question, it could be more work than it's worth...?
  2. Standard memberRamned
    The Rams
    04 Sep '06
    10 Aug '07 17:32
    That's a cool idea. No need to rate the clans though. Whoever wins, count it as a challenge win.

    Only thing is what if the 2 clans rely 100% on their best player?